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Innovation and business development



Innovation and business development

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Innovation and business developmentInnovation and business developmentInnovation and business development

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Innovation and business development

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Miss Y, Innovation and business development


Innovation and business development

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The Creative Embassy

Management of innovation & Business development


Innovation & Business Development

Management of Innovation and Business Development

Welcome to the Creative Embassy! We work with innovation and business development, and are currently focusing on creating new technologies within the healthcare industry, where we provide patients with app and web solution during 2018.

Consultance & collaboration

We have worked with digitalization for two decades and are always ready to solve new challenges!

The Creative Embassy work in many different constalations and have ambassadors around the world, therefore we are able to gather a wide range of experts within various feilds!

See more about our interresting projects on the project page, we are looking foreward to help you!

Science & Knowledge

Whether you have have an idea or would like collaborate with other people on their projects, this is the place!

The embassy provide education material and lectures for both children and adults in innovation, in English and Danish. You are welcome to send us an idea or a project or wish an innovation program for your company.

We can design  our lectures and education material for your purpose!

We provide the best solution for patients

The Creative embassy are currently working on the following projects:

All these will be available online during 2018 and we are looking forward to see you!

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A growing portfolio of projects

Our project are focused on helping other people and create solutions for their problems and needs. App

Our great partners and people, makes it possible:
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About patient needs & problems

  • In sociaty there is an increased need for communication and also documentation of drug side effects and a need for reducing the costs in the healthcare system in general.
  • Patients of today demand the best treatment possible, disregarding the source and if the product is patented or natural.
  • Technology can complement patients to much greater extent than today, according to latest science.
  • Many patients feel left alone when they are diagnosed with a new disease or are in an on-going treatment, and they often experience unexpected and undocumented symptoms or side effects.
  • These patients are in the need for support in examination and during monitoring between examinations.
  • Another stakeholder are the bio and pharmaceutical industry who demand real world evidence (RWE) data.
  • Since 2012, pharmaceutical companies need to accomplish the EU law on new medical products on the market, called pharmacovigilance legislation.
  • When performing clinical trials III and IV, pharmaceutical companies need to follow and monitor the effect of the drug on different subjects. With the use of this technology they can optimize their methods, which can also be adapted if necessary.

Each stakeholder in the health care system have particular needs which must be met in order to create a dominant design. The Creative Embassy are focused on the following four stakeholders;

  • Patients: a need for a supportive tool to communicate progression of the disease and the treatment.
  • Physicians: a need for instant, remote access to the patient’s health data in order to obtain a better understanding of the individual patient’s progression; a need to effectively communicate with patients in order to improve efficiency and the quality of treatment.
  • Industry (Bio/Pharma): a need for data on clinical trials and efficacy/efficiency of the drugs that can facilitate the introduction of new solutions to the market; a need to comply with EU pharmacovigilance regulations and create transparency through technological solutions.
  • Society: a need for a cost-efficient, reliable and safe health-care system, while improving the quality of life for patients.

In Denmark Service design is very difficult as the general platform that should be the foundation in this has not been implemented. Since 1996 has the Danish government failed to implement a proper IT solution for Danish healthcare professionels, patients and most important, their data!

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We are here to help!

The Solution:
a user-friendly applications that support patients and facilitate communication between patients and doctors

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Deep integration for market-leading medical devices.

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I believe in the Creative Embassy!

Hercule Poirot

I enjoy working with these guys every day!

Brian Nielsen

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We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support if you got any question and our team will respond, as fast as possible! We got thousands of solved threads and a customer satisfaction of 97%.

We do care that your technology runs great!

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